The Johnson County Healthcare Center will be establishing a new universal masking policy beginning this week, according to CEO Sean McCallister.

While the details have not been shared with the hospital staff, McCallister did provide some information on what the policy will entail…

During a press briefing on Friday, Dr. Mark Schueler believes the state’s handling of the virus and the resulting low number of fatalities is “remarkable”…

Schueler is the county’s Public Health Officer and  expressed an opinion that we may be ready to transition to the next phase where people can return to work and children can return to school, but Schueler cautioned everyone that we continue the safe and healthy practices for awhile as we return to a normal life…

In other news from the press briefing, the Johnson County Healthcare Center has established a COVID telephone triage system
for all patients in Johnson County.

Callers are evaluated by a registered nurse and given directions.

The number is 684-2228 or 684-5521 if the call is made after hours.

As of last Friday afternoon, Johnson County had 11 positive cases and 3 probable cases.  10 have recovered with two pending.  To date 41 tests have been completed at the hospital.  Of course, the county has one person who has died from contracting the virus.

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