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Our sales team here at Big Horn Mountain Radio Network are some of the most experienced, well-trained marketing sales professionals in the state.

Then, you too will reap the benefit of Big Horn Mountain Radio consumers buying your product and/or services as hundreds of local businesses do on a monthly basis.

If you would like a Big Horn Mountain Radio Account Executive to contact you about marketing to our loyal listeners, call 307-684-5126 or click want more information below and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

Sheridan Office:

3324 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, WY 82801
Office: (307) 672-2690 | Fax: (307) 672-1722

Buffalo Office:

1221 Fort St., Buffalo, WY 82834
Office: (307) 684-5126 | Fax: (307) 684-7676

Local/Community News

Local News

Sheridan Law Enforcement Reminds Drivers to ‘Click It or Ticket’ this Memorial Day Weekend

SHERIDAN, WY — As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, Sheridan County Law Enforcement is...
Associated Press

Wyoming Ranked Among Most Dangerous States for Memorial Day Driving

GILLETTE, WY— Wyoming ranks among the most dangerous states for driving during Memorial Day...
Associated Press

US Supreme Court Sides with Crow Tribe Member in Hunting Dispute

By JESSICA GRESKO Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday sided...
Latest Happenings

This Year’s Dancing w/ Stars: “More Than Dancing”

To borrow a phrase from  local musician Lynne Young, it was more than “dancing”...
Latest Happenings

Grand Opening & Book Signing in Buffalo

Taking place earlier on Saturday  and just across the street from each other in...
Latest Happenings

Dancing with the Stars Set for Saturday at Civic Center

This year’s show includes Buffalo Mayor Shane Schrader, PD officer Joe Johnson, and other...
Latest Happenings

Bud Love Area Now Open

The Bud Love Wildlife habitat management area opened earlier this week, along with other...
Latest Happenings

New Hospital CEO Talks About Hospital’s Outstanding Receivables

Johnson County Healthcare Center is carrying more than $ 4 million in accounts receivable...
Latest Happenings

Mishap Brewing Company Closing Indefinitely

Mishap Brewing Company closed indefinitely on Wednesday. The business has been a mainstay in...
Latest Happenings

Habitat for Humanity Sale Begins Tonight

The biggest garage sale of the year begins today with the four-day Habitat for...
Latest Happenings

Falling County Valuations Mean Less $ for Special Districts

Falling property valuations will make funding Johnson County Special Districts especially difficult in the...
Local News

Mountain Lion Spotted in Sheridan

SHERIDAN, WY — Residents of the North Heights area of Sheridan are urged to...


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