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Our sales team here at Big Horn Mountain Radio Network are some of the most experienced, well-trained marketing sales professionals in the state.

Then, you too will reap the benefit of Big Horn Mountain Radio consumers buying your product and/or services as hundreds of local businesses do on a monthly basis.

If you would like a Big Horn Mountain Radio Account Executive to contact you about marketing to our loyal listeners, call 307-684-5126 or click want more information below and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

Sheridan Office:

3324 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, WY 82801
Office: (307) 672-2690 | Fax: (307) 672-1722

Buffalo Office:

1221 Fort St., Buffalo, WY 82834
Office: (307) 684-5126 | Fax: (307) 684-7676

Local/Community News

Latest Happenings

Lions’ Club Fishing Derby Set for Memorial Day Weekend at Lake DeSmet

The 36th Annual Buffalo Lions Club Fishing Derby takes place this weekend beginning Saturday...
Latest Happenings

JC Sheriff’s Office To Assist Forest Service and Frontier Days

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will be patrolling US Forest Service campgrounds this summer...
Local News

Eatons’ Ranch Horse Drive Cancelled

SHERIDAN, WY— The annual Eatons’ Ranch horse drive through Sheridan that would have taken...
Local News

Deep snow delays U.S. 14A Spring Opening

PRESS RELEASE: SHERIDAN, WY— The annual spring opening of U.S. 14A between Burgess Junction...
Latest Happenings

JC Commission Approves VOA Contracts

The Johnson County Commission approved three contracts with Volunteers of America covering services for...
Latest Happenings

Buffalo To Close on 18 Plains Drive Next Week

The City of Buffalo will be finalizing the purchase of the property at 18...
Latest Happenings

T-Mobile Seeking Space on Johnson County Tower

Another cellular phone company is seeking an opportunity to provide service to the Buffalo...
Latest Happenings

Dancing with the Stars Raises Hits Fundraising Goal for Cancer Fight

Not only was this year’s Dancing with the Stars a huge success in terms...
Local News

WG&F Relocates Black Bear from Dayton

PRESS RELEASE: DAYTON,WY—  On Saturday, May 18, Game and Fish received a report of...
Local News

Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire in Sheridan

UPDATE: Press Release: SHERIDAN, WY— At approximately 04:45 am on May 21, Sheridan Fire-Rescue...
Local News

U.S. Highway 14A to Open Thursday

SHERIDAN, WY— The annual spring opening of U.S. 14A between Burgess Junction and Lovell...
Local News

Sheridan County Emergency Management Reminds Residents to Prepare for Flooding

SHERIDAN, WY— With the National Weather Service issuing a Flood Watch for Sheridan and...


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