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98.3 The Peak

Richard Stevens

(6 am - 10 am ET)

Richard Stevens lives for quiet simplicity away from the constant barrage of noise and information-overload. He grew up in North Dakota, where life moves at a slower pace, and radio signals seem to go on forever, and finds satisfaction in entertaining listeners with insights, ideas… and a certain wacky perspective on life. Richard is married to his soulmate Amy and, together, they have three children. They enjoy long walks, yoga, movies, quirky television shows and enjoying time together at home.

Chris Michaels

(10 am - 3 pm ET)

Chris Michaels here, I like to think of just one listener spending their day with me enjoying the music and hopefully appreciating what I have to say. I hope you are that person. When not on the Radio, I love trying to find the perfect river to fish. When not fishing, I’m reading, studying, thinking and dreaming of….fishing! My wife and I are ‘empty-nesters’ with three grown children, three grandchildren and three cats who are ‘raising’ us! I guess we love things that come in threes!

Lynn Briggs

(3 pm - 8 pm ET)

Hi, I’m Lynn Briggs, a Radio Hall of Fame veteran born with a microphone in my hand! Having worked for the Motown legend Stevie Wonder himself, I’ve also dabbled in radio all across the country and even in the United Kingdom. My passions include traveling, interior design, sports, comedy, and Netflix binging with my daughter and two grandchildren. Throw in a few new vegan recipes, and you have a friend for life.

Brian Curry

(8 pm - 1 am ET)

Hi there, I’m Brian Curry, a true lover of all kinds of music including pop, rock, country, and blues. I’m married and have two sons and three dogs. My youngest is in elementary school, so I’m very involved with his baseball and soccer. Most of my time is spent with family, but I’m also a nature lover. Weather documentaries are my thing. I find weather fascinating, and one of these days I’d like to go storm chasing! When I’m not on the air you can always find me at