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More COVID-19 vaccines are on the way to Sheridan.

During a press briefing yesterday, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Addlesperger announced that 975 doses of the Pfiser vaccine is expected to arrive on Monday…

Prior to that announcement, the hospital had been receiving the Moderna vaccine and Dr. Addlesperger indicated that the Moderna vaccine will still be used by Sheridan Public Health, but the hospital is planning to use the Pfiser.

There is a week’s difference in the waiting period between the first and second doses of the two products with 21 days as the waiting period for Pfiser and Moderna’s wait is 7 additional days.

The hospital’s director of Lean Transformation announced the opening of a COVID-19 vaccination clinic that is set to open next Wednesday…

Through Tuesday of this week, Sheridan Hospital had administered 1,020 doses of the Moderna vaccine with a small number of those being a second dose.

With nearly a thousand doses arriving on Monday and the clinic opening on Wednesday, the number of vaccines administered should increase rapidly in the coming weeks.

Even with a decrease in the number of active COVID-19 cases in the county, there has been a slight increase in the number of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital.


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