It’s the morning after and the presidential election remains undecided.  Both President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden are waiting on winners declared in the final 7 states.

Three of those states, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan were predicted to be the key states in determining the winner.

As of this morning, the United States Senate remains deadlocked at 47 apiece with 4 races still in question.

The House of Representatives shows a slight lead for the Democrats, 188 to 181.

And as expected leftist protested the election in a number of cities across the nation.  Prior to election day, many of those cities boarded downtown buildings in expectation of the violence and unrest.

Let’s take a look at local election results…

The City of Sheridan will have a new mayor and three new city council members.

The City of Buffalo retains an incumbent councilman and welcomes a new member to the council.

Roger Miller lost his re-election bid to City Councilmember Rich Bridger garnering just 42 percent of the votes cast.

Kristen Jennings, Steven Brantz, and Shawn Day were elected to the Sheridan City Council.

In Buffalo, Scott Madsen was re-elected to the City Council and John Camino overcame fellow challenger David Iverson.

In the battle to fill Wyoming United Senate Seat, former Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis was a huge winner over Democrat challenger Merav Ben David.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney was re-elected, soundly defeating challenger Lynnette Grey Bull.

4th District Judge William Edelman overcame a strong Political Action Committee effort to unseat him as he received nearly 53% of the votes cast in his effort to retain his judicial seat.

In Johnson County, voters supported the continuation of the Solid Waste District by a significant margin.

In the school board races, voters in Sheridan District II chose Dana Wyatt, Mary Beth Evers, Ed Fessler, Wayne Schatz, and Shane Rader.

Johnson County voters elected Kristen LeDoux, Jodi Verplancke, Lynette Fox, Randy Brown, and Jan Johnson.

Gary Koltiska,Tracy Swanson, Debra Wendtland, and Erin Kilbride were selected by voters to fill trustee seats  for the Northern WY Community College District.

In Big Horn, Chad Baker was elected trustee, Eric Lofgren was elected in Dayton as trustee, and Mercedes Biteman will serve as Trustee for Ranchester.

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