It’s Election Day and as an American, you have an opportunity that few people in the world enjoy.

Not only is it a presidential election year, but there are a number of state and local elections that matter.

In the City of Buffalo, three candidates vie for two seats on the city council.

There are four Johnson County Rural Health District competing for two seats.

In Sheridan, Mayor Roger Miller seeks re-election with challenger Rich Bridger contesting.

There are 6 candidates competing for three seats on the Sheridan City Council.

In addition to the candidate races, Sheridan County voters have a Proposition on local infrastructure to consider.

Johnson County voters will decide on the continuance of the Solid Waste District for the first time in 10 years.

Voters in both counties will decide on a Constitutional Amendment that would remove the limit of debt that a municipality can create for sewer projects.

And this year, there has been a grass roots effort from a Political Action Committee to not retain Judge William Edelman.  Both he and Judge John Finn are on this year’s ballot.

Polls opened in most locations in the area at 6 this morning.

The poll locations are available at

Johnson County polling places can be found in Buffalo at Bomber Mountain Civic Center and the Catholic Rec Hall and at the Harold Jarrard Park in Kaycee.

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