SHERIDAN, WY— On May 21, 2019, Lodge Grass, Mont. resident Roman Whitemanrunshim pleaded guilty to poaching a bull elk on private property in Wyoming in March 2019 and was assessed $7,155 in fines and restitution by Sheridan County Circuit Court Judge Shelley Cundiff.

The elk was shot along Pass Creek Road on March 6. The hunting season for that area had closed on Nov. 5, 2018. The head of the elk was removed along with the backstraps and both hindquarters.

A flatbed pickup truck with a grill guard was observed in the area and a press release about the incident was released to the public on March 11. Two tips were received about a possible vehicle match, which led to further investigation by local game wardens that ultimately identified Whitemanrunshim as the suspect.

Whitemanrunshim was cited for taking an antlered big game animal without a license, trespassing and shooting from a roadway.



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