The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce held its first “in person” luncheon in well over a year, hosting a legislative “recap” at the Holiday Inn yesterday afternoon.

State Representatives Cyrus Western, Mark Jennings, and Barry Crago were present, along with State Senators Bo Biteman and Dave Kinskey each of whom spoke on various issues impacted by the 66th Wyoming Legislative Session.

Perhaps the biggest issue that remains unresolved is K-12 funding and Kinskey spoke of the growing deficit in educational funding…

That deficit, according to Kinskey will continue to grow over the next few years to nearly a billion dollars by FY 2025-26.

The rainy-day fund is expected to drop below $500 million by 2026 and according to Kinskey, huge cuts will be necessary…

Other legislative issues were discussed from the voter ID bill to changes to the concealed carry law, but the failure of the legislature to address the K-12 funding issue remains as Governor Gordon’s proverbial “elephant” and is still out of control.

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