After decades of use, the largest outdoor pool in the nation will no longer be free.

 After hearing a stark and straight forward assessment of the pool’s future by members of the pool board of directors during the past two regular meetings, the Buffalo City Council voted to approve a moderate fee schedule for public use beginning this summer.

According to Council member Danny Hart, there were no other options available to ensure the pool’s long term existence…

 Richard Wonka is a member of the pool board and attended a two-day conference on the cost of replacing a pool the size of Buffalo’s outdoor pool and had this to say…

Public Works Director Les Hook told the Council that the pool currently has a live span of approximately 20 years, although the filtration system is more of a problem.

 The fee schedule was set at $3/day, although children under the age of 3 accompanied by an adult will not be charged.  Residents over the age of 65 and veterans will also not be charged for access to the pool.

 Season passes will be available for $50 for an individual or $80 for a family of four.

 The pool is set to open in mid-June.

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