The Wyoming House of Representatives will be considering legislation that will expand the Hathaway Scholarship Program for high school graduates.

House Bill 133, co-sponsored by Rep. Steve Harshman of Casper, is scheduled for third reading today.

If passed, two additional scholarships will be available to high school graduates from neighboring states contiguous to Wyoming.


House Bill 145, intending to repeal Wyoming’s death penalty, passed the House of Representatives in the crucial first reading on Wednesday.

The last time the death penalty was imposed in the state was in 1992 when Mark Hopkinson was executed for murdering 4 people.

Dale Eaton is the only Wyoming inmate currently on death row.

Wyoming is one of 30 states still maintaining a death penalty.


Legislation requiring a 48-hour waiting period prior to abortions passed the Wyoming House of Representatives on first reading on Wednesday.

House bill 140 requires physicians to uphold the required waiting period before performing nonemergency abortion procedures.

Additionally, no abortion shall be performed after the embryo or fetus has reached viability.

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