Story By: Spencer Porden

A local towing company held a spontaneous fundraiser on Monday after an overturned semi-truck left them with an abundance of apples and pears of all shapes and colors.

On Friday, a semi-truck carrying fruit from two suppliers in Yakima, Washington overturned on I-90 near Sheridan.  A+ Services, a towing company in Sheridan, was tasked with disposing of the fruit, which could no longer be sold in stores due to the accident.

Walter Orum, owner of A+ Services, said that he decided to donate the fruit to a good cause, rather than paying to dispose of it at the landfill and letting it go to waste. Orum and his company donated the fruit to the Tongue River Twisters, a local gymnastics team.

The fruit was given away to the public for free, with an option to donate to the gymnastics team to help send them to a state gymnastics competition.

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