Story By: Spencer Porden

With the weekend of the Super Bowl upon us, law enforcement across the area want to remind citizens to make a plan to get home safely from any festivities on Sunday.


According to statistics from BACTrack, a company that sells smartphone-linked breathalyzers, Super Bowl Sunday is on par with several of America’s “drunkest days,” with equivalent blood-alcohol contents reported by their users on New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and Independence Day.


Sheridan County Sheriff, Allen Thompson, said the simplest thing people can do to avoid a DUI, or worse, is to “make a plan.”


Thompson added that sober drivers should use extra caution over the weekend as well.


While there are several services available that provide rides home to people within the city limits of Sheridan, Thompson said that for those who may live in the more remote parts of the county, a designated driver is the best way to go.


Officials from WYDOT said that Wyoming Highway Patrol will have a heightened presence over the weekend as well. The increased presence is part of the national “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” campaign, which is sponsored by the NHTSA.


WYDOT also reminds Wyomingites that they can find services that provide safe rides home on their new “Drive Sober Wyoming” smartphone app, which can be downloaded here:

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