It appears to be “raffle” time for the Wyoming Game & Fish with not only the Super Tag in its 7th year, but Governor Mark Gordon and Wyoming’s First Lady are playing a role in this year’s Game & Fish raffles.

The Super Tag allows hunters the opportunity of obtaining a license for Wyoming’s premier big game and trophy game species: bighorn sheep, moose, elk, mountain goat, mule deer or white-tailed deer, bison, pronghorn, mountain lion, gray wolf and black bear.

Raffle winners are able to hunt any open area for the species selected except for moose (areas with 10 or fewer licenses are restricted), bighorn sheep (areas with eight or fewer licenses are restricted) and wild bison (areas with 10 or fewer licenses are restricted).

Tickets must be purchased through the game and fish website.

The raffle is open to residents and non-residents with a deadline of July 1.

For the second year, Governor Gordon is donating a wild bison license to support Wyoming wildlife conservation.

The license will be raffled and open only to Wyoming residents.

The raffle winner will receive a 2020 wild bison license. Tickets are $10, and there is a limit of one ticket per person. The license is not transferable.

Proceeds from the raffle sales will go to the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition and will help support efforts sustaining Wyoming’s wildlife.

According to Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt, First Lady Jennie Gordon is getting also getting into the raffle effort as well…

The program is trying to get donations to help pay processing fees. Have a goal of $45,000.


To help support this cause, you can purchase a raffle ticket for a Commissioner’s License. It offers the opportunity to purchase a deer, elk or antelope license. Cost is $100 for 10 entries. Deadline is July 10.


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