Governor Gordon to WY: Wake up and Let’s Get Serious About COVID-19

So far in this pandemic, Governor Mark Gordon has asked Wyoming citizens to rely on personal responsibility in dealing with COVID-19.

Social distancing, hand hygiene, and face coverings have been encouraged throughout this year but now. the Governor is angry and frustrated…

Deaths among Wyoming citizens are now coming in groups and stressing the state’s healthcare system.

Gordon is concerned not only about the health of the state’s citizens but the continued well-being of Wyoming’s business community and the economy…

In response to a question about more statewide restrictions such as a statewide mask mandate, Gordon had this to say…

As the number of COVID-19 positive cases continue to rise, the Governor is reminding all citizens to take whatever precautions that are necessary from maintaining physical distancing, proper hygiene and wearing face coverings in public places.

As of yesterday afternoon, there have  been 17,442 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19, nearly 7,500 of those are active with a total of 127 deaths.

Of critical importance is the number of hospitalizations which have tripled in the last week.

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