“Anyone who’s paying attention can see that the time is now for the states to use their
constitutional authority to get the nation back on track. With this new administration in D.C.,
we’re going to be feeling the heavy hand of government like never before. Our only
remaining power to push back lies with our state legislatures, in Article V”
President of Convention of States Mark Meckler
CHEYENNE WY, February 25 – Convention of States is pleased to announce that the COS
resolution, SJ0002, has been filed in the Wyoming State Legislature, sponsored by Senator Bo
Senator Biteman, and 14 co-sponsors, understand it is the state’s solemn responsibility, through
our State Legislature, to exert the power of the Constitution provided to the states in Article V.
They have taken the stand to bring this important resolution to Wyoming’s Legislature for
From sea to shining sea, in every single state house district, Americans have signed the
Convention of States petition, asking their legislators to vote in favor of the Convention of States
resolution to propose fiscal restraints, limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal
government, and term limits on Congress, the judiciary and federal bureaucracy. With yet
another multi trillion dollar spending bill on the horizon, it has never been more critical than now
to put the brakes on DC.
The fast-growing liberty movement against the tyranny of Washington elite and bureaucratic
swamp is the Convention of States Project. The project has been endorsed by Constitutional
giants such as Mark Levin, Michael Farris, David Barton and Professor Rob Natelson, public
figures such as Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Dr. James Dobson, Pete Hegseth, Sean Hannity and
Steve Deace, Governors, Senators and Representatives. These public figures, and many others,
stand with the grassroots in saying now is the time to put the brakes on the ruling elite, corrupt
politicians and the deep state, and restore the Republic.
About Convention of States Action
Convention of States Action is currently organized in all 50 states, including over 4.5 million volunteers, supporters, and
advocates committed to stopping the federal government’s abuse of power. Fifteen states (Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Alabama,
Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, North Dakota, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Arkansas and Mississippi) have passed

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