On Monday we celebrate Memorial Day, honoring the men and women who died in the service of our country.

As a nation, we spend time remembering those who lost their lives and could not come home, reflecting on their service and why we have the luxury and freedom that we enjoy today.

We also consider supporting and safeguarding their grieving families and loved ones who are left behind.

In Buffalo, there will be a Parade of Veterans of All Wars to Main Street for the dedication of a wreath by the VFW Auxiliary, proceeding on to Clear Creek Bridge for a Navy Mother’s ceremony

The veterans’ recognition will continue at Willow Grove Cemetery.

The parade will begin at 9am Monday with local Navy Veteran Vinny Burgess serving as Grand Marshal.

This year as part of a nationwide effort to honor fallen military heroes, area residents are encouraged light candles on front porches at dusk on Memorial Day.

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