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The Johnson County Commission reviewed the funding recommendations from the 1% Committee at its meeting yesterday and scheduled action on those recommendations at its meeting on June 1st.

In reviewing the 15 requests to be considered, both Commissioners Linda Greenough and Bob Perry expressed dissatisfaction on 2 to 3 recommendations.

Perry suggested cutting the recommended $10,000 award from the Johnson County Family YMCA along with shifting $7,500 award from the Buffalo Golf Club to the Sheridan College in Johnson County.

Additionally, Perry also wanted to shift $3000 from the Hoofprints of the Past Museum in Kaycee to the local campus to uphold a previous promise to support an increase in the nursing program.

Perry also wanted additional information from the Kaycee Health Forum regarding the funding of the KATS bus transportation request.

There were no recommendations on the Johnson County Alternative Treatment Court or the Boys & Girls Club of the Bighorns, with the Alternative Treatment Court to be handled under “in house” funding.

Action on the 1% Committee’s recommendations will be taken at the next meeting scheduled for June 1st.

In other action, the Commission received the FY 2021-22 budget requests and set the dates for the budget hearings for the first three weeks of June.

The Buffalo City Council will also consider 15 1% Committee recommendations as part of its budget process for FY 2021-2022.  Last night, the Council passed Ordinance 1408 on first reading appropriating $13,113,870 in tax collections.  Resolution 1446 was also passed, establishing an 8 mil tax levee for the upcoming fiscal year.

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