The Wyoming Game and Fish department offers the Wyoming Master Angler Program. An angler who lands a fish that meets or exceeds the minimum qualifying length (measured from snout to the tip of a pinched tail).  Include a ruler or tape measure in the picture to validate the length. 

Catching one trophy-sized fish earns the title of Master Angler.  Five different trophy-length species designates a person as a Trophy Angler; and those who catch 10 different trophy species earns the title of Ultimate Angler.

44 anglers statewide have achieved Ultimate Angler status.  Five of those anglers are from the Sheridan Region (which includes Johnson County).  The latest fisherman to achieve Ultimate Angler status is Sheridan resident, Joe Gilbert.  Gilbert said it took him 3 years to accomplish the Ultimate Angler feat.  Gilbert is a retired Game and Fish employee.

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