The 66th Wyoming State Legislature balanced the state’s budget with the exception of the K-12 funding issue.

Simply put, the Senate and the House of Representatives could not find common ground during their most recent session.

Some say the legislature “punted” the issue, but State Senator Dave Kinskey disagrees with that analogy…

As it stands now, K-12 education is being supported from the state’s savings account.

In the current legislative forecast, the FY 2025-2026 biennium budget for K-12 funding is projected to be just shy of $1 billion and according to Kinskey, as the state’s “rainy day” fund is depleted, larger and painful cuts will hit the Wyoming school districts…

Finding common ground among both chambers of the legislature AND the state’s school corporations would allow smaller cuts now and over the next few years to alleviate the need for future double digit cuts to K-12 funding.

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