On November 2, 2018, officers of the Sheridan Police Department and the

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation arrested Brody Castellow, age 18 of

Sheridan, for two (2) counts of Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled

Substance. Each count carries a maximum penalty of ten (10) years in prison

and a $10,000 dollar fine.

Sheridan Police Department officers received information that Castellow had

been dealing large quantities of LSD, commonly referred to as acid, and

marijuana in and around the Sheridan area for several months. During the

investigation officers learned that Castellow used the app “Snapchat” to arrange

deals of narcotics. Officers assumed an identity on the same app and arranged to

meet Castellow to purchase several doses of LSD and marijuana wax, a very

concentrated marijuana derivative.

When Castellow was arrested at the predetermined location, it was discovered

that he had over 200 doses of LSD concealed on his person, and several

containers of marijuana wax in his vehicle. Castellow was booked into the

Sheridan County Detention Center and is awaiting his initial appearance on

November 5, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.


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