Story By: Spencer Porden

At their meeting on Monday night, Sheridan’s City Council will consider passing a resolution that would create a “convenience center” at Sheridan’s landfill.

According to the Council’s agenda, the convenience center would make special services that are offered at the landfill more accessible to citizens of Sheridan. Services such as the sale of bulk compost, used oil recycling, household hazardous waste disposal, metal recycling and garbage disposal would be relocated to a centralized area in the landfill.

The goal of the convenience center is to consolidate many of the services into one smaller location making the visit to the landfill shorter, safer and more pleasant.

The Convenience Center will be staffed Monday through Saturday during business hours from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The city said, “the intent of these operational changes is to provide citizens of Sheridan with even better service at the landfill than they are already used to.”

City Council will also consider a resolution to bring the landfill up to federal financial assurance requirements, which would cover landfill closing costs should it ever need to shutdown.

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