Hi, my name is Caramel, but my foster parents called me Cece. It has taken me a while to fully be myself, but I am the goofiest, sweetest, and zoomiest dog you will ever meet! I am not a huge fan of getting into the car (you will have to pick me up), but once I am in, I enjoy it. I tend to trust women more than men, so as long as there is a woman in the house, I will be happy. I love to sleep in bed and will greet you in the morning with wags, rolls, and kisses. I have excellent leash manners and love being outside to hike, go for walks, and I even enjoy camping! I am honestly happy to just be by your side. I ADORE other dogs and would love to have one as a companion at home, although it is not a requirement. They help me feel more comfortable. I do well in my crate, and have only ever barked once because I couldn’t contain my energy! I am a little bit stubborn when it comes to basic tricks, but as long as you are patient it shouldn’t take me too long to listen. I hope to see you soon! 

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