Bob Snowden, Chairman of Johnson County’s 1% Board, reported on the board’s recommendations for funding allocation to both the County Commission and the Buffalo City Council yesterday.

No actions was taken by either board, with Commissioners and members of the council preferring to review the recommendations prior to making the funding amounts official.

Approximately 25 requests were considered by 1% board and Snowden, who has served on the board for 20 years, commented on how difficult this year’s effort has been…

In total, more than $900,000 in funds were recommended by the 1% board.

More than $900,000 was recommended to fund the requests submitted by a number of organizations throughout the county.

A new application provided additional information on funds allocated in previous years that had not been spent.

According to Chairman Bob Snowden, some of those funds had been allocated more than 8 years ago…

As a result, several funding requests were reduced in order to encourage organizations to spend the older funds before seeking additional monies.

Other funding requests were reduced considerably such as the Johnson County Family YMCA recommended to received $60,000, a 58% reduction from the organization’s request.

As reported earlier, the recommendations were tabled by the Commission and the Council with the latter planning to incorporate the recommendations into its budget process for the coming year.

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