Story By: Spencer Porden-News

Sheridan and Johnson Counties Critical Air Service Team (CAST) is seeking to renew their contract with Denver Air Connection in conjunction with the state’s Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA). Shawn Parker, president of CAST, said that they remain satisfied with Denver Air Connections performance, as they have been rated the second most reliable airline in the United States.

The critical purchase agreement, designed to help lower airfare prices by contracting with one airline statewide, set a deadline to submit proposals for airlines by December 20th, with an official selection to be made in mid-March. CAST is requesting the Wyoming State Legislature to extend the Air Service Enhancement Program through 2020 in order to make sure that Sheridan and Johnson Counties will not suffer any interruptions in service while the CPA is finalized.

Denver Air Connection’s contract with CAST ends on June 30th, 2019. Ideally they would like to renew the contract by January, however with the CPA not finalized until May, the future of an airline in Sheridan could be up in the air.

 Shawn Parker         



Denver Air Connection has been servicing Sheridan since November of 2015. They have recently partnered with United Airlines, and in early 2019 they will be offering connectivity to more than 300 destinations across the United Airline network.

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