The Johnson County School District’s new alternative high school has found a home… the Bomber Mountain Civic Center, at least for the coming school year.

The announcement was made yesterday by Derek Andrews, Director of Sheridan College in Johnson County…

Andrews was making reference to the high school’s participation in the new culinary classes as well as the CNA program.

Andrews sees this as an opportunity for those high school students to consider continuing their education with Sheridan College…

Classes are scheduled to begin this fall on August 22nd.

More news from the Bomber Mountain Civic Center came from JOCO First’s Claudia Todd who reported that the more than 41K people used the center in the last year.

The center houses the college, the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Horns, the JC Mentoring Program and plays host to a number of special events from weddings to funerals, to conferences.

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