Businesses are beginning to re-open in Sheridan amidst a combination of excitement of returning customers but a cautionary atmosphere of providing a safe environment for customers and staff alike.
According to Dixie Johnson with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, the business community is working together as they journey through uncharted territory…

She indicated that the business community has been innovative in developing strategies to overcome the barriers created by the necessary health orders imposed during the COVID19 pandemic.
The Chamber has been provided a number of tools to assist area businesses as they experience the frustrations of doing business in a “new normal”.
Those efforts have included business connect groups, webinars provided by SBA, the US Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing Works, and the Better Business Bureau.
Johnson mentioned the continued value of Chamber Bucks in providing support to area businesses as the sale of Chamber Bucks has exceeded $100K each year in recent years.

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