Wyoming’s COVID-19 numbers have begun to show signs of stabilizing.

Over the past 14 days, the number of active cases statewide (565), the percentage of tests that come back positive, and the average daily number of new cases (32) has declined slightly.

There were two additional deaths in the past week, bringing the state’s total to 28.

As of last Friday, Fremont, Laramie and Carbon counties have the highest number of active cases, with Carbon County’s total increasing significantly in the wake of a cluster of cases identified at the Wyoming State Penitentiary.

Teton County continues to have the highest rate of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases per capita, followed by Uinta and Fremont counties.

The largest number of lab-confirmed cases are in the 19-29-year-old age range, which make up 25% of all positive cases.

Here locally, Johnson County has one active case and a total cumulative number of 18 lab-confirmed cases.

Johnson County Public Health has completed the contact tracing in relation to the closed  city pool with assistance from the Wyoming Department of Health Epidemiology.

Those identified as a high exposure risk have been quarantined.

Late last week, one of Sheridan Fire Department firefighters tested positive for COVID-19.

He had attended a wedding last Saturday in South Dakota where it was discovered that an individual sitting near him later tested positive for COVID-19.

Upon his return to work on Sunday, the Fire Department had him wear a mask as a precaution and the other three members of his crew spent minimal time around him keeping appropriate social distancing whenever able.

As precautionary measures, the entire crew have gone into a two-week quarantine at their respective homes and the station has been thoroughly cleaned.

The remaining two firefighter teams are alternating 24-hour shifts until the quarantine is completed.

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