Press Release:

On January 31, 2019, a Wyoming Department of Transportation snow plow driver struck a black pelican case with his plow as he was providing surface treatment to the roadway.  The WYDOT driver picked up the case and its spilled contents and immediately turned it over to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  The spilled contents of the pelican case held large amounts of US currency.  Troopers took the cash to the local office to be processed.

Meanwhile, another maintenance unit was contacted by three individuals in a small Toyota passenger vehicle inquiring about the pelican case that flew out of their car carrier.  Maintenance directed them to the local patrol office in Elk Mountain, Wyoming. 

When the individuals arrived at the Elk Mountain patrol office, the odor of marijuana was noticed emitting from the vehicle.  A Wyoming Highway Patrol K-9 unit responded, and the K-9 gave a positive alert. 

A search of the car revealed 81 lbs of marijuana, felony amounts of MDMA, a misdemeanor amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms and felony amounts of liquid THC.  

The individuals in the Toyota passenger vehicle were arrested and charged with felony possession of controlled substances.  

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Wyoming Highway Patrol is currently investigating the case.       

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