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The State of Wyoming is preparing to go to war against an enemy so very small but one that can cause catastrophic effects on our ecosystem and cost the state millions of dollars.

The enemy is small zebra mussels and just last week, Governor Mark Gordon convened an emergency response team to mitigate impacts and seek solutions to the discovery of invasive zebra mussels in Wyoming.

So far, Wyoming is one state that has not seen the presence of this aquatic invasive species in our lakes and ponds.

But, those mussels have been found in “moss balls” that are sold in pet stores across the state.

Christina Schmidt is the Public Information Specialist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Sheridan and described how to prevent the destructive impact of the mussels that just might be living in your aquarium at home…

In announcing his emergency response team, the Governor described the mussel as a “vicious aquatic invasive species from South Russia and the Ukraine with the potential to wreak havoc on domestic water supplies and our irrigation infrastructure and ruin some of our best fishing.”

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