The Wyoming Game & Fish hatcheries have been busy of late stocking local ponds and reservoirs with more than 5800 rainbow and brook trout.

Muddy Guard 2 and Tie Hack Reservoir received the bulk of the fish.

Muddy Guard 1 is always stocked lighter as it is a trophy fishery to promote size.

Here’s the list of trout stocked per location:

Buffalo Wetlands Pond – 700 rainbows over two stockings

Muddy Guard 1 received 330   7-inch rainbows and Billy Creek Reservoir received the same.

Muddy Guard 2 received 2,198 7-inch rainbows. It is way bigger and managed as a basic yield fishery while Muddy Guard 1 is managed as a trophy fishery so gets stocked lighter so more forage for the fish to get bigger.

Billy Creek Reservoir – 330 rainbows

Tie Hack Reservoir was stocked with 2,291 7-inch rainbows.

The Bud Love ponds were stocked with several hundred rainbows and brook trout.

Clear Creek in town will get stocked later this week with rainbows in the 8 to 10-inch range. Other stockings will continue through the summer.

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