Bighorn Reservoir and surrounding private land is enrolled in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Access Yes program as Johnson County Walk-In Hunting Area #2 and Tongue River Walk-In Fishing Area #2.


Bighorn Reservoir Company is repairing the dam at the reservoir and Game and Fish wants to alert sportsmen there will be heavy equipment working in the area this fall.


Please give equipment the right-of-way and allow plenty of space for repair operations.


Public access to the parking area near the dam and reservoir is still available by use of motorized vehicles.


Access to areas south of Bighorn Reservoir by UTV’s or horseback is available by using the marked trail along the east side of the reservoir.


Users are reminded that travel is restricted to the designated trail and is not allowed on the dry lake bed.


For more information on these Walk-In areas visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s website: or by contacting Troy Tobiasson, Game and Fish Dept. Sheridan Region Access Yes Coordinator at 307-684-2489.  Sportsmen wishing to support Access Yes to acquire more hunting and fishing access areas can donate to the program when they purchase hunting or fishing licenses.

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