SHERIDAN, WY— Winter conditions have settled over the Bighorn National Forest, making vehicle travel in some locations difficult, if not impossible.  Many roads are no longer suitable to drive cars, trucks, or SUVs due to the accumulated snow and ice.

To avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation, avoid attempting to drive back roads, choose the right vehicle with the correct equipment, and always tell someone where you plan to go and when you expect to return.  Ensure you have the appropriate clothing and gear in case you end up unexpectedly spending the night in your vehicle.  Currently, there are several abandoned vehicles stuck on the mountain, some have been there for over two weeks.

Even with the snow cover, Forest Service officials remind outdoor enthusiasts that motorized travel, including by snowmobile, snow bike, or tracked vehicle, is restricted to designated routes and trails until November 16.  As long as there is at least six inches of snow cover, after November 16, motorized vehicles designed for over snow use, along with non-motorized use, are permitted to travel cross-country.  Please visit Bighorn National Forest travel regulations at for more details.

Currently, the snow is not set up enough to adequately protect the resource from cross-country over snow vehicles.  Think twice to protect yourself, your property, and the land we all benefit from.

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