Basketball, Volleyball and Outdoor Track and Field Reclassification:
On second reading the board passed a motion 13-4, making it official, that starting with the 2018-19 school year (or the fall 2018 season), the top 16 schools based on enrollment would be in 4A, the next 16 in 3A, the next 16 in 2A and the rest in 1A (Currently 12-16-20-rest…it will be 13-16-20-rest for the 2017-18 school year, when Thunder Basin opens). The main reason for this format is to try to have more regionalized scheduling, so that travel costs can be reduced, and less missed school time compared to the current format.

We won’t know exactly which schools will be in what class, until the new 2-year Average Daily Membership numbers (ADM’s), are released sometime around September 2017. The ADM’s numbers are generated by high school principals, who turn them over to the Wyoming Department of Education, who gives them to the Legislature and the WHSAA.

As far as which schools would be in which conferences, that will be decided later once the new ADM numbers are available.

Some board members expressed concerns that this course of action may lead to even more regionalized scheduling down the road.

Burns presented an argument that if the school is moved up to 3A, a number of current sophomores and freshman are considering going to school elsewhere (Pine Bluffs or somewhere in Cheyenne), because they may not think they stand a chance competitively. There’s also a number of families that live on the west edge of Laramie County School District #2 (Burns and Pine Bluffs), or close to the border with Laramie County School District #1 (Cheyenne schools) that may consider trying to change districts. Representatives from Burns argued that a move to 3A would increase overall travel and with the recent Legislative budget cuts in transportation, that could cause some problems. Transfers could cause enrollment to drop the program to 2A, but not until AFTER the 2-year reclass cycle for 2018-2020 school years are complete.



Wrestling Reclassification:
The board defeated a motion that would make wrestling 2 classes instead of 3, starting in the 2018-19 school year. The top 20 schools based on enrollment, would have made up Class 4A, and the rest in 3A. The idea was to improve the quality of Regional and State Tournaments. Currently, some brackets at regionals can not be filled, and at times, wrestlers with no wins, make it into the state tournament.



Soccer Reclassification:
The board passed on second reading, 10-5 making it official, a motion that would have the top 14 schools based on enrollment in Class 4A, with the rest in 3A, starting in spring 2019. The idea is to help reduce overall travel in 4A, and there’s the possibility some new teams might be adding soccer in the future and would join 3A. Under the proposal it would be:

4A: Cheyenne East, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne South, Laramie, Campbell, County, Thunder Basin, Sheridan, Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Riverton, Jackson, Rock Springs, Green River, Evanston

3A: Buffalo, Douglas, Newcastle, Lander, Rawlins, Torrington, Cody, Powell, Worland, Star Valley, Pinedale



5-Class Proposal:
The board defeated a proposal to have football, volleyball, basketball and outdoor track and field go to 5 classes. The proposal by Big Piney, Cody, Thermopolis, Jackson and Riverton would have addressed equity of competition better than the current system, help schools schedule regionally, as well as reduce time out of school and travel costs. It would allow 8 additional teams to qualify for the various state championship events, but some board members expresses concern, that it would give too much promotion to mediocrity.

Golf Practice:
On second reading, making it official, the board passed a motion that only 2 days of practice will be needed, before the start of the season. The reason is that golf courses might be more willing to give up a Wednesday for competition during week 1 of the season.

State Golf Contingency Plan:
On second reading, making it official, the board passed a motion that if weather becomes an issue during the state golf tournament (2-days, 18 holes each day), the tournament could either be pushed back one week, or the practice day on Thursday would be turned into a competition day instead. This would mean no one would have a practice round, prior to the state meet. Also depending on weather, players might only play 27 holes (18 on one day, 9 on the other, or vice versa), provided on the day that 9 holes are played, the same 9 are used.



Physical Exam For Marching Band Students:
On second reading, making it official, the board passed a motion that would require those in marching bands to undergo a physical exam. The intention is to reduce risk for marching band students.

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