DAYTON,WY—  On Saturday, May 18, Game and Fish received a report of a bear in the town of Dayton. Dayton Game Warden Dustin Shorma responded to the call and found a bear bedded in a thick brush patch near a residence.

The bear was chemically immobilized and removed from the area. After speaking with nearby residents, it was determined the bear had likely not received food rewards in the form of garbage or other attractants and no further bear activity was reported.

The bear was later released in the northern Bighorn Mountains. Bears have been out of their winter dens for several weeks and this is the third report of bear activity that Game and Fish personnel have responded to.

Residents of Dayton and other Sheridan County communities are asked to help prevent potential conflicts with black bears and other wildlife by securing garbage and other attractants such as pet food, livestock and poultry feed and barbecue grills inside a building.

When bears receive repeated food rewards, they begin to associate people and places people live with easy access to food. In these cases, management options such as relocation are typically unsuccessful and problem bears are euthanized.

More information about preventing bear conflicts can be found at If you see or suspect a bear in your area, please contact the WGFD Sheridan Regional Office at 672-7418 or a local law enforcement agency.

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