Story by: Spencer Porden

Sheridan County’s Toys for Tots program is still seeking donations ahead of their distribution day, which is set for this Saturday. As Big Horn Mountain Radio Network News reported last week, donations have been lower than years past, especially due to the closure of Toys ‘R’ Us, which historically has been a key donor to the Sheridan County initiative.

Gary Small, who is the local coordinator for the program, said that the community has stepped up and donated plenty of toys for children aged 0-12, however the program is desperately low on gifts for teenagers aged 13-18.

Small said there are distribution boxes still set up all over Sheridan and any donations are appreciated, especially those for teenagers.

Additionally, Black Tooth Brewing Co. will be holding a “Free Beer for a Toy Night” on Friday. Customers who bring in a toy will receive a token good for a free drink. The event will start at 6pm and live music will be present as well.

The Sheridan County Toys for Tots program serves over 1000 children in Sheridan County annually, as well as additional children on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations.

You can learn more about the Sheridan Toys for Tots program by visiting our previous story.

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