The Sheridan Community Land Trust is excited to announce that its newest community trail, The Green Room Trail at Malcolm Wallop Park, is now open.

The Green Room Trail is SCLT’s most accessible trail to date. It connects directly to the existing paved Sheridan Pathway in Malcolm Wallop Park (formerly North Park). The trail can be accessed within a few yards of the park’s parking lot on Real Bird Way (formerly Industrial Rd).

It is the first natural-surface trail in north Sheridan.

“It’s a great spot for beginner access. You’ll be able to get out of your car and you’re right on single track,” SCLT Trail Builder and Construction Supervisor Ronnie Wagner said of a trail he sees as a perfect entry point for new bikers while also giving walkers and runners a fun alternative to concrete.

The trail will incorporate low grades as it winds its way for 1.3 miles through floodplain forest, open grassland, and Goose Creek while also traveling up a small hill for a scenic view of Malcolm Wallop Park and the North Gateway Conservation Easement within.

“It’s more natural and a good break from the paved pathways,” he remarked.

Wagner said the inspiration for the new trail’s name came from the spring building cycle, because, “It didn’t matter where I was going in the park, everything was green.”

Trail building commenced on May 7 and completed on June 17 with the assistance of and AmeriCorps crew from Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area. Now, Wagner and some of the AmeriCorps crew will head up the mountain where they will work alongside Gumption Trail Works to complete at least 8 new trail miles and two trailheads with parking areas connecting Poverty Flats to Bear Gulch on Red Grade Trails.

SCLT Executive Director Brad Bauer thanked the generosity of supporters, who along with the City of Sheridan facilitated the creation of The Green Room Trail, the public park and the voluntary conservation agreement which ensures the area will remain open space for generations to come.

“We are excited to create this new trail in the north part of Sheridan, where there were fewer opportunities to get outside and off the pavement. It is even more exciting to see so many people using this trail while it was being built,” Bauer stated. “We couldn’t create these opportunities without the support of our community and because of that support we know it’s easier than ever before to go from your front door to the outdoors in Sheridan County.”

SCLT encourages the community to visit the trail. Your feet, boots, paws and tires will help pack the trail’s tread giving it greater durability. However, Wagner points out that new trail treads are sensitive, and visitors should not use the trail if they encounter wet spots where they are leaving tracks.

“Trails can be extremely sensitive in wet conditions as well as freeze/thaw when the colder seasons come around. If your feet/tires are sinking into the surface of the trail and leaving holes, ruts, etc., please turn around. Continuing to move forward ‘to find a dry area’ is NOT an option,” Wagner explained.

Bauer closed by saying what visitors can expect, “We know The Green Room will pack a Wallop of fun for people of all ages.”

General Rules: Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. No motorized vehicles. Pets must be leashed at all times on the trail and inside park boundaries. Pet waste must be cleaned up and removed. All posted City of Sheridan park rules apply.


Directions from Sheridan: Follow North Main St. to north edge of town. Trail is located within Malcolm Wallop Park, north and west of Goose Creek. Turn west onto Real Bird Way. Continue to parking lot on south side of road. Trail is accessible from Sheridan Pathways (paved paths) in either direction. You can see trail and parking lot from North Main St.


Directions from I-90: Take Exit 20 south towards Sheridan. After about 0.6 miles, turn west onto Real Bird Way. Continue to parking lot.


To view and print a map of The Green Room Trail at Malcolm Wallop Park and all other SCLT community trail maps, please visit

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