WYOMING – In March, the decision was reached to stop all Special Olympics Wyoming activities through the end of May. Now, as the state of Wyoming is starting to ease on physical distancing guidelines and the sizes of groups, the organization will take steps to re-engage athletes, coaches and volunteers as well.

The organization has stepped-up it’s promotion of fitness opportunities for athletes to participate in at home, but knows those don’t replace athlete’s opportunities to train and interact with others.

So to continue the overreaching concern for athletes, partners, and volunteers’ wellbeing, Special Olympics Wyoming is looking at what they are considering a soft reopening.

Starting on June 15th, Special Olympics Wyoming will allow athlete training for Golf, Cycling, and Equestrian events. The three sports listed are all outdoor sports and naturally allow for physical distancing.

“As we look forward to the summer, we will continue to monitor directives from the Department of Health and offer more frequent updates on allowable activities and plans as we approach our August – September – October competition schedule.”, says Priscilla Dowse, President/CEO of Special Olympics Wyoming.

Coaches and volunteers have also been informed that any gatherings under the auspices of Special Olympics Wyoming can have no more than ten people (athletes, partners, and coaches).

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