SHERIDAN, WY— Sheridan’s water supply has been experiencing high turbidity.

According to the City of Sheridan, the Big Goose Creek water supply, which supplies the Sheridan Area Water Supply (SAWS) Big Goose Water Treatment Plant, has experienced record high levels of turbidity, or murkiness in the water caused by dirt and sediment, over the last few weeks.

In a release, the city stated that recent heavy rains and snowmelt have caused turbidity in the water supply that hasn’t been seen in over three decades.

The city stated that the recent turbidity spikes rendered water from the creek untreatable. According to the release, SAWS was not able to provide water service delivery to customers west of Beckton Hall Road.

According to the city, the turbidity levels have since decreased enough to resume treatment of the water, however, future rain events may cause the water to be untreatable again.

A release from City Utilities Director, Dan Roberts, is attached below.

Water Turbidity Public Notice


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