Sheridan Memorial Hospital continues to take COVID-19 serious with a tiered huddle system conducted daily throughout the healthcare system.

The purpose, according to hospital CEO Mike McCafferty is to ensure the departments have the necessary resources on hand to provide the best patient care possible…

McCafferty referenced the recent “spike” in positive cases across the state and Chief Nursing Officer Barb Hespen announced that there are currently 5 COVID patients at the hospital, none of which are Sheridan residents.

According to McCafferty hospitals in this region work together in handling positive cases in an effort to create a situation where the number of COVID patients do not overwhelm a specific healthcare team, some of which are smaller and intended to be critical care providers.

While Sheridan Memorial Hospital has sufficient COVID supplies and PPE material, McCafferty again noted the current rise in cases across the state and termed the situation as “very fragile”…

When you look behind the curtain, it’s clear that a on-going evaluation of supplies, equipment, and the health of the hospital staff is crucial to meeting a healthcare crisis that is at best fluid with the potential to change drastically in a very short amount of time.

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