SHERIDAN, WY— The Sheridan City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding at their meeting on Monday night to address the hill slide stabilization project adjacent to Sheridan Junior High School. The MOU places a formal agreement between the City of Sheridan and Sheridan County School District #2 regarding the cost of completing the project to correct the hill side, which began to fail in 2017.

Public works director, Lane Thompson explained what the project would end up costing.

The hill side, located below Sheridan Junior High School and above Kendrick park began to fail in 2017.

Under the MOU, the school district will be responsible for 22.58% ($1,584,664.40) of the project, while the city will be responsible for the remaining 77.42% ($5,433,335.60) of the project, bringing the total expense to $7,018,000.

Hayward Baker, Inc. who is the engineering consultant for the project, designed a series of walls that are planned along the hillside, extending from Lewis Street to Kendrick Park. The walls will be tied back into the hillside and will have numerous drains installed. The walls will vary in height from 10 ft to 20 ft and will be faced with a troweled concrete finish.

The contractor selection is due to be completed this month with work on the project beginning in June.

Slide Wall
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