Local school districts have been developing their Smart Start plans for the upcoming school year that should begin next month.

Each Smart Start plan is to be based on guidelines provided by the Wyoming Department of Education and must be submitted to the state for final approval.

Earlier this month, Education Superintendent Jillian Balow spoke of the Smart Plan requirements that needed to be met for a school to re-open in the fall…

Each school district must be prepared for three possibilities that would include in-school attendance, remote learning, or a hybrid of model encompassing both.

The plans may also include how fall activities are impacted should remote learning be implemented.

District 51 State Representative Cyrus Western weighed in on the upcoming school year, considering the $1.5 billion shortfall in the state’s budget…

A secondary concern regarding fall sports is the fact that a fifth of the state’s budget is directed to k-12 instruction.

How could the state’s budget shortfall impact fall sports, Western shared his thoughts on that prospect as well…

Local citizens await two decisions regarding the upcoming school year… how instruction will be carried out and if there will be fall sports.


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