“Official” Sheridan County Election results were posted on the Sheridan County website on Thursday of last week.

8,425 ballots were delivered from the 18 polling locations to the courthouse after 7 pm last Tuesday night. Another 8,121 Absentee Ballots were tallied during Election Day and Evening.

All told, 16,546 Total Ballots were cast.

There was an approximate 7% increase in registered voters from the 2016 Presidential Election compared to the start of day on Tuesday, Election Day;

This percentage does not include the new voter registrations done at the polls Election Day.

It appears that this year’s election in Sheridan County had a record voter turnout and record processing in tabulating ballots cast.

According to Clerk & Recorder Eda Schunk Thompson, the new election equipment and software used throughout the State of Wyoming did the job and offered efficiencies, accuracy, security, and confidence in our elections.

Sheridan County has 30 days to input all new election day registrations into the State Voter Registration Database.


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