Nationally recognized musical talent returned to Buffalo once again this past weekend for the second annual Bluegrass January Jam held at the Occidental Hotel and Saloon.

But it was a group of music-loving kids that took center stage.

Courtesy of Karen Blaney

While award-winning talent like Greg Blake and Carolina Blues’ Bobby Powell performed evening concerts, 30 kids from Sheridan, Buffalo along with those traveling from other parts of the country took part in a winter bluegrass for young people.

The number of kids participating in the 4-day event was nearly a 400% increase from last year’s number of 8.

LLocal band members from Prairie Wildfire did much of the teaching and guitarist Holly Qualm found herself in her element and had this to say about the opportunity…

For Base player Morgan Blaney. It’s all about the kids willingness to learn…

Occidental owner and award-winning songwriter David Stewart held a songwriters’ workshop with the help of Powell and Blake during the bluegrass event.

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