Yesterday morning, Johnson County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler announced that face coverings were no longer required by state health orders.

Variances to all four State Health Orders were authorized by the Wyoming Department of Health late Monday afternoon.

The only exception to the “mask mandate removal” was for public schools as described by Dr. Schueler during a press briefing yesterday…

Schueler is pleased with the rate of COVID cases in the county as there is currently only one active case involving a hospitalized patient at the Johnson County Healthcare Center.

During the same briefing, Public Health Nurse Trisha Thompson reported that her office is in the process of vaccinating area teachers and child care workers while both local pharmacies are inoculating area residents under the age of 64 with health conditions that put them at greater risk of contracting the virus…

According to Thompson, an increase of 100 or more doses in the county’s allotment of the vaccine would serve as an indication that the healthcare center will become actively involved in vaccinating the county’s population.

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