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“Baaaafulo” Sheep Fest Planned for June 5th in Buffalo

A brand-new festival is coming to Buffalo this spring. The “Baaahfulo” Sheep Fest is set for June 5th at Prosinski Park. The event is another brainchild of Buffalo Events LLC… the group that brought the highly successful Oktoberfest to Crazy Woman Square last fall, the Christmas Market, and most recently, the Johnson Ski-Jor Wars to...

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JC School District Plans Forums in Search of New Supterintendent

The Johnson County School District has announced three community forums each in two locations as part of its search for a new superintendent. The three forums will be held on successive Monday evening’s beginning on April 12th with the final forum scheduled for Wednesday, April 21st. Kaycee School will host the first portion of each...

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Concealed Carry Without Permit… Signed Into Law By Gov. Gordon

Earlier this week, Governor Mark Gordon signed more than 30 bills into law and HB116 was one of them. This law allows Wyoming residents who meet necessary statutory criteria  to carry a concealed firearm without requiring a permit. Credit for getting this bill through the Wyoming State Legislature goes to 16 Representatives and seven Senators...

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Johnson Count Commission Allocates TANF Funds to Compass, Buffalo Childrens’ Center, and Boys&Girls Club

In other actions taken by the Johnson County Commission, requests for funding under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF were approved in the amounts requested.  Compass Center for Families requested $25,000, the Buffalo Children’s Center requested $16,000, and $20,000 was the amount requested by the Boys and Girls Club of the Bighorns. Chairman Novotny...

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Johnson Co. Is 2nd Amendment Preservation County

The Johnson County Commission accomplished something that the 66th Wyoming State Legislature failed to do during its ongoing general session this year… that is to pass a resolution preserving a citizen’s 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms. During the Commission’s meeting yesterday morning, a resolution was unanimously passed to identify the county as a 2nd...

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HB122 Raises Conservation Stamp Fees To Fund Hunting Access on Private Lands

SF19 passed the House last week that amended legislation that was passed in 2020 relating to the risk businesses are exposed to during COVID-19 pandemic. District 40 State Representative Barry Crago spoke of the legislature’s desire to revisit the issue during the current session… In other words, amending the bill from a year ago, provides...

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