Updated public health orders took effect yesterday, easing restrictions on public gatherings in Wyoming,

Governor Mark Gordon announced revised health orders late last week.

The updated orders allow indoor gatherings of up to 250 people with restrictions, permit parades to occur (with appropriate social distancing), and allow K-12 schools, community colleges, the University, and other educational institutions to reopen facilities and resume in-person instruction for all students.

The new orders are in effect through June 30 and allow gatherings up to 50 persons in a confined space to occur without restrictions, and permit indoor events of up to 250 persons with social distancing and increased sanitization measures in place.

Faith-based gatherings such as church services and funeral homes are exempted from the new orders and allowed to operate without restrictions, with appropriate social distancing encouraged.

Updates to Public Health Order No. 1 allow childcare facilities to resume normal operations without restrictions on class sizes, and expands the permitted size of group fitness classes to 50 participants.

Public Health Order No. 3 no longer requires personal care services to operate by appointment only.

K-12 schools, colleges, the University, and trade schools may resume in-person instruction for all students in groups of up to 50 persons with spacing guidelines.

Governor Gordon has continued to urge educational institutions to prepare fully developed reopening plans for the fall that incorporate public safety precautions and ensure smooth transitions to remote learning should new outbreaks occur.

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