Sheridan County received notification there are four (4) new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Sheridan County.

 Two cases are Johnson County residents which appear to be linked to the Johnson County cases. The other two (2) cases are Sheridan County residents.

 One case appears to be linked to previous Sheridan County cases and the other case does not appear to be linked to any of the previous cases in Sheridan County. The two new patients in Sheridan County are at their homes in isolation, doing well and being monitored by Sheridan County Public Health.

 All four cases were tested in Sheridan County. Sheridan County Public Health and Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) are conducting follow up investigations to determine at-risk close contacts of the new reported cases.

 This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases to ten (10) in Sheridan County.

 Sheridan County Health Officer, Dr. Ian Hunter, continues to ask Sheridan County residents to follow WDH and CDC’s guidelines and statewide orders.

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