In a rare split vote by the Johnson County Commission at its meeting Tuesday, Nathan Lindsey was appointed to the Lake DeSmet Advisory Board.

Commissioner Bob Perry took exception to the appointment by suggesting the board assignment should be someone from Johnson County and not from Sheridan…

Commissioner Linda Greenough stressed that Lindsey would be able to provide “historical” knowledge of the lake that would be beneficial to the advisory board.

She also stated that Sheridan County residents holding water rights benefitted from the lake’s management.

In the original agreement regarding ownership of the lake eight years ago, Sheridan County agreed to sell out of the lake in exchange for Johnson County signing an agreement with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department that would protect fishing and recreation in the lake.

Game and Fish received some junior water rights for 99 years in exchange for almost $3 million that would go to Johnson County.   In exchange, Johnson County paid $500,000 to Sheridan County.

Lindsey serves as Conservation and Stewardship Manager for Apache Foundation.

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