The Johnson County Hospital District Board of Trustees has voted to appoint Laurie Hansen as interim CEO, a position she will assume following the departure of CEO Sean McCallister.

“My last day at JCHC will be May 26, 2021,” McCallister said. “Laurie Hansen, RN, director of administration, has agreed to serve as interim CEO beginning May 27, 2021. I’m grateful for Laurie’s willingness and ability to serve in this important capacity. She has my full confidence, as well as the full support of our Board of Trustees.”

Hansen has worked at JCHC since 1978, serving in various roles including nurse’s aide, CNA, RN, home care director, infection control, credentialing and her current role as director of administration, where she oversees IT, compliance, HIPAA, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement, and safety.

“I want Johnson County Healthcare Center to experience the least amount of change possible until a new CEO is selected and starts,” Hansen said. “I want to continue working on current strategies while maintaining the current culture and work environment. Operationally, JCHC has made many changes that have had a positive impact, and I would like to see our progress continue. I plan to have an open-door policy to address issues and allow team members to continue to work efficiently.”

Dr. Mark Schueler, board president, said the board voted unanimously to hire Hansen as the interim CEO, touting her skillset and years of experience.

McCallister tendered his resignation in March. He said the decision to leave was based on the need to be closer to family. McCallister was hired as the CEO in March 2019.

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