Larry Chalfant, of Sheridan, passed away on Monday, November 6, 2017. His heart failed and he died at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Larry was born on June 12, 1955 in Sheridan, the eldest son of Vincent and Edna Chalfant.

He attended Woodland Park School and Sheridan High school where he was the valedictorian for the class of 1973. Larry attended the University of Wyoming from 1973-1979 where he attained an M.S. in English. He loved reading, writing, and books. He had a collection of books, mostly novels and literature that overflowed his garage. In 1980 he moved to the east coast where he got a job teaching high school English and coaching basketball in Chesapeake City, Maryland. He later moved to the Miami area and taught there for several years.

Larry was married twice. His first marriage was to Helene Louise Twaddle and his second was to Beatriz Maria Bustillo.

In 2008 Larry moved back to Sheridan to care for his mother. She was blind and in failing health. He cared for her for 9 years. For the past few years Larry had been a teacher at Normative Services. He taught English, math, science, and history, whatever they needed. He was loved and admired by students and staff. One student who spoke at Larry’s service told us that he was “chill” because he was willing to listen to students. He loved being able to influence the arc of student’s lives, that is what kept him going to a difficult and challenging work situation. At Normative, Larry was given a cash bonus for being voted staff of the year. With most of that cash bonus Larry bought each kid at Normative a copy of Catcher in the Rye and the Hunger Game Series. Larry was selfless and giving. He was constantly buying books for kids.

Earlier in his life Larry had travelled to Paris and London where he went to the Royal Academy of Shakespeare. He dared to teach Shakespeare to the kids at Normative because he thought it was important that the kids be exposed to the lessons in the plays, that it might help move them forward in a better direction. Larry was a brilliant teacher.

Larry was a free spirited person who was gifted with an amazing intellect. He also had a huge heart. That combination made him a very interesting person. He cared about dogs and kids. You could often see him walking his old dogs around town, not registered or special dogs, but dogs that he agreed to care for because others were not able to. When he moved from Florida back to Sheridan he drove his pickup with 3 dogs packed in there with him. And it was the same with kids. He loved the kids at Normative who fate had given a difficult beginning in life. Kids who had been abandoned or mistreated were who Larry wanted to give his love and energy to. He had an affinity for the less fortunate.

Larry’s father, Vincent, died in 1969. His mother, Edna, passed in 2014. Larry’s younger brother Mike died in 2008.

A simple service has already been held on Thursday, October 9, 2017 at Normative Services. There was a lot of love, affection and respect in the room for Larry. He touched a lot of people and is missed. His passing has left a void in many lives.

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